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Catfish Eddy Terraces State Natural Area

Catfish Eddy Terraces SNA (Photo: Joshua Mayer)

Catfish Eddy Terraces SNA  (Photo: Joshua Mayer)
Photo by Joshua Mayer

Photos by Joshua Mayer

Located along the east bank of the Black River, Catfish Eddy Terraces supports a complex of both aquatic and terrestrial features. Along the river’s steep slopes is a northern dry-mesic forest; inaccessible to timber harvest. White and red pines with red oak, white oak, and red maple are the dominants tree species. Overall, the site conditions are generally dry-mesic but numerous springs, spring runs, moist cliffs, and seepages are present along the steep terrace slopes. These features are high in microsite diversity and thus support numerous rare plants and invertebrates.

typical forest view- vert

Just to the south is Perry Creek, which flows through a steep-walled gorge of Cambrian sandstone that is geologically unique. This Area also harbors a number of rare and uncommon bird species including the Louisiana waterthrush.

Catfish Eddy Terraces is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 2010.

Source: WDNR

Destination Information

Website: DNR Website

Size: 75 acres

County: Jackson County

Property Managed By: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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